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Our themed itineraries bring the territory to life! Travel by boat, by car, on foot, by bike… classical, original and unusual… relax in the midst of nature, culture, art, tradition and fine wines and food, all in an area waiting to be discovered.

Cultural itineraries leading to the discovery of the artistic treasures in Campania and Cilento, enogastronomical routes discovering speciality dishes and the wines of Campania and Cilento, a walk in the heart of nature with the most beautiful sea and mountain scenery – the more adventurous can deviate off the beaten tracks… there are cooking, cultural and language courses… special events, exhibitions and fests… and individualised itineraries on request.

You could choose to discover the world of the ancient Greeks, to savour the marine atmosphere whilst on a boat trip, to follow the road to flavours and traditions, to go for a walk into the woods to find the local flora and fauna, to enjoy the challenge of a bicycle trip along the ups and downs of the hinterland mountains with their wonderful sea views… the choice is embarrassing!

These are just a few of our organised itineraries, some of which are seasonal; for an update and/ or personalised request for individuals and groups, please contact us…

Grand Tour of Campania along the Mermaid Coast

Wine Tour in Cilento. “The Barolo of the South”

Paestum and its Buffalo

Pilgrimages and Religious Itineraries

Traditions and Flavours of Cilento

Trips into The National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano

A Hiking Weekend in The National Park of Cilento

Touring Cilento by Mountainbike

Wine- tasting in Campania (Cilento, Salerno, Benevento, Avellino.)

Holy Venues

Castles and Vineyards

The City of Art… Naples

The Uncontaminated Nature of Cilento

At Table… Wine-Oil-Mozzarella. A wine and food tasting adventure

A Cilentan Weekend… a territory to discover, an evocative journey into reality                         … beyond the limit of time

The historic homes of Cilento… villas, palaces and castles

Boat trips

Cooking Courses

Language Courses


The Grand Tour in Campania along the Mermaid Coast

An exiting route into the magic of Campania, set in an area of untamed nature where local folklore is entangled with historic fact, often authenticated by the remaining monuments. Then: pastasciutta, pizza, mozzarella, pastiera, babà and limoncello – an Eldorado of Mediterranean flavours and aromas.

Starting from Naples, there is a series of themed visits, which take us from the time of the ancient Geeks through to today: The Museo Nazionale, with its archaeological relics; the Palazzo Reale; the Teatro San Carlo; the historic centre and its famous streets; the marvellous panoramas from Posillipo on the esplanade, from Via Caracciolo and Via Partenope; Mergellina, Santa Lucia… and at last, a tasty Napolitan pizza in a local pizzeria.

Other highlights in this itinerary are a visit to the Pompei excavations and the ascent to Vesuvius. Next, a walk round historic Castellabate, founded in the X century and set upon a hill, 280 metres above sea level; a visit to the Paestum excavations, originally the Magna Graecia town of Poseidonia, and its museum, then on to a compulsory stop at a local Mozzarella dairy, obviously followed by a tasting session, after which, on to the archaeological excavations of Velia, the ancient Elea of Magna Graecia, home of the famous Eleatica school founded by Parmenides and Zeno, now, on board a boat for the visit to the Grotto Azzurro of Palinuro. Other foreseen visits are: to the caves at Pertosa to absorb the atmosphere of the halls, richly decorated with stalagmites and stalactites, before continuing on to the renowned Certosa di San Lorenzo at Padula. The next stop is Teggiano, known as “The Museum Town” because of its great number of ancient churches and towers. To complete this rich itinerary, a trip to Sant’ Angelo a Fasanella, a small village in the centre of the Alburni mountains, where you cannot miss visiting the evocative Grotto di S. Michele and then Roscigno Vecchio, the village abandoned at the turn of the century, so now known as the “Pompei of 2000” and also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Programme.

A very rich tour, with varied lunches and diverse tasting sessions based on typical local products and accompanied by the wines of Campania.


Wine tour in Cilento. “The Barolo of the South”

Aglianico is the main vine with black grapes in meridional Italy, a marvellous, vivid, ruby red wine. For wine enthusiasts, there is a route including both the wine cellars and the vineyards of Cilento.


Paestum and its Buffalo

A gastronomically trail is set between the beauty of the archaeological treasures and the traditional flavours of the Piana del Sele. Buffalo Mozzarella, Campana DOC, is the most typical product of this area, the dairies having been dedicated to the buffalo herds for centuries. However this area is also noted for the artichoke, which has been cultivated here since ancient times and re-discovered in the 1500’s and re-named: Carciofo di Paestum or, Tondo di Paestum and has recently obtained the IGP. Still in the Piano Del Sele, you can try one of the excellent varieties of typical apples of Campania, the “mela annurca”.


Pilgrimages and Religious Itineraries

Campania has a very rich, religious heritage, both artistic and cultural. The well-preserved, splendid, historic convents, monasteries and churches, house these relics in perfect harmony within their historic, artistic architecture.

Every village, however small, has its very own saint as its protector. The saint is given affection and devotion, their remains are carefully preserved and every year there is a special celebration on the “Saint’s Day”.

There are trips to sacred places: to admire churches, hermitages and monasteries, to isolate oneself, meditate and re-unite oneself with the faith, to follow the life of the saints and the ways of the soul and, to discover religious traditions.


Traditions and Flavours of Cilento

A completely relaxing tour through the myths and legends of Cilento: follow the history and the nature, then savour the traditional flavours of this little known territory.


Trips into The National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano 

Probably, it is the unpolluted coasts, mountainous backdrops, caves, ravines, dells and waterways surrounded by extensive woods that give Cilento its special fascination and air of uncontaminated beauty. The National Park, established in 1991, is the second largest in Italy and the most important of those flanking the Mediterranean coast. Cilento is not only a thriving, untamed, nature resort, rich in history, archaeological and cultural treasures, traditions and atmosphere, but it always holds a surprise in store. This itinerary includes: the excavations at Paestum, originally the Magna Graecia town of Posidonia and the museum! A “not to be missed” tasting session at one of the dairies producing the mozzarella di bufala. We can all refresh ourselves, in a commercial wine cellar in Agropoli, with a real Aglianico DOC.The trail ends in the historic town of Castellabate! Along the coast there are the excavations of ancient Velia and the marine caves at Palinuro to enchant visitors, internally, the abandoned village of San Severino Centola and the mediaeval hamlet of Vatolla with the Vargas Palace where the famous philosopher, Gian Battista Vico, lived. For lovers of a good table, it is impossible to miss out a tasting of the local olive oil DOP at an oil press, where the visit may be followed by a lunch based on typical and biological products dressed with various types of oil.


A Hiking Weekend in Cilento

Punta Licosa: A route of great naturalistic and mythological value. The trail runs alongside the sea then, through the pinewood and into the dense, Mediterranean scrubland, possibly glimpsing magpies, blackbirds and seagulls while surrounded by the perfumes of the pines, myrtle, carob and many others. There are silent witnesses to the history, like the coastal towers and a few noble houses.

Monte Stella: A route from where to admire ancient Cilento from on high. Monte Stella, 1131metres high, rises between the ancient towns of Paestum and Velia. Originally called Monte Cilento, today this toponym, Cilento, is used for the entire national park area. The cool, chestnut woods, alders and holm oaks, the scenery and the thirty hamlets, thousands of years old, around the crown of the mountain, all together render a pleasant excursion.

Valsana – San Mauro Cilento: A picturesque trail winding its way from Agnone S. Mauro through the characteristic Valsana.In this valley there are various naturalistic environments and diverse witnesses to cullinary agriculture, but the thousands of olive trees dominate the scenery, among which, some, being patriarchal, are cultivated biologically. The famous “extravergine” olive oil DOP of Cilento, may be tasted at an oil press!

Mountainbike Tours in Cilento 

Discover the “Trezeni”! Santa Maria di Castellabate – Agropoli

Departure from Agropoli

Distance – 23km

Difficulty – none

Naturalistic Circuit – Punta Licosa

Departure from S. Maria di Castellabate

Distance – 20km.

Maximum  Altitude – 50m

Difficulty – medium

Casali del Monte Stella

Departure from Mercato Cilento

Distance – 40km.

Maximum Altitude – 700m

Difficulty – medium

Monte Alburni

Departure from Petina

Distance – 20km

Maximum Altitude – 1400m

Difficulty – medium

Monte Cervati

Departure from Sassano

Distance – 40km

Difference in Altitude – 1100m

Difficulty – medium







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